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Why Christmas ornaments?
Christmas is a multi billion dollar industry annually.

Why personalized Christmas ornaments?
Personalized Christmas ornaments are a charming gift idea that appeals to a wide spectrum of retail customers. They have become a yearly family tradition in countless households.

Why a Christmas cart in a mall?
Where else can you make a years wage in only two months? Holiday mall traffic is a staggering phenomenon. Taking advantage of it will be up to you.

Why Rudolph and Me, Inc.?
No other company will make it as easy for you to accomplish your goals. Just follow our five steps to success to see what we mean. If you still have questions we'd be happy to answer them - we love talking about our company's opportunities!


Define your goals
Do you want to be your own boss and obtain financial freedom? Join our growing family of personalized Christmas ornament carts. We have used over 27 years of combined experience in personalized products and design to create one of the fastest growing cart businesses in the country.

Secure a location
High traffic, high sales locations are available if you act now.

Select a plan
Choose from one of several plans created to fit your needs. All plans include:
- Competitive pricing that allows a profit margin of 75%+.
- One of the largest selections - over 850 ornaments of superior quality and design.
- Free gift bag with every ornament.
- Easy cart set up and breakdown which includes fixtures, planagrams, and manuals.
- Assisted reordering.
- Customer support that cannot be matched - 7 days a week.
- No franchise fees.
- Guaranteed same day shipping throughout the holiday season, with a commitment to maintain inventory right up to December 24th.

Attend training
This is an invaluable step to insure your success! Learn everything you need to know about running a successful cart business, from setting up your cart to personalizing, hiring and selling.

Get started!
A great location with incredible products, a well trained staff and our commitment to your success is all it takes.

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